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Naið-A Greek Lexicon which translated in the KJV of the bible stands for Truth

In a world in which mediocrosy and simplicity rule, there exist individuals who's purpose is to uplift the community. Reminding the world that our ancestors were innovators, intellectuals, and the greatest storytellers humanity has seen.

It is with that in mind that I wish to continue on the legacy of those who Middle "passed" before me. It is because of the strange fruit that hung from southern trees, that motivates me. It is because of of hosed down boys and girls, segregated schools, boycotted buses, and hidden transcripts, that I exist.

I do not intend to obtain disapproval from the spirits that are long gone. I will not forget the purpose of my ancestors and so, despite popular opinion, I choose to follow the path paved for me. It is one that urges me to embrace intellectuality and come face to face with injustices.

And since I can speak, I will use my voice to shout out words of truth


100 Things

1. I was born in Massachusetts
2. I moved to Nigeria
3. I ended up in NYC, where I grew up
4. My father was/is a polygamist
5. My mother didn’t know this at the time
6. She found out when we moved to Nigeria
7. Needless to say, they are divorced
8. I was a sort of tomboy as a kid
9. Damn, I hate that term
10. My mom, to my knowledge, never wore a pair of pants until I got to college.
11. I only think she wears pants now cuz she is old and feeling cold easily
12. I love skirts, clothes, and fashion in general
13. But I hardly wear skirts
14. People think its because I am still a tomboy
15. But to be honest, I have body image issues. I’m not a tomboy
16. I love shoes, specifically heels
17. But I don’t wear shoes often
18. Cuz I can’t walk in them
19. I have flat feet
20. And I wear an 11 in womens
21. That sucks!
22. I’m a hopeless romantic
23. People tell me that I’m hopeless for believing that romance and love can be everlasting
24. I am also celibate
25. MJ says that for me, celibate means “give a little, sell a bit”
26. I currently teach English to 8th grade special ed students
27. I honestly don’t think it’s my calling
28. I’m too passionate with my anger
29. I want to advocate for these kids
30. But sometimes I feel like they are to blame for their situations
31. Them and their parents
32. I have a Bachelors degree in English
33. I am an aspiring Public Intellectual and Hip Hop theorist
34. Love and Basketball is the epitome of how I once saw my life
35. Brown Sugar is the second part of my life
36. I watch Girlfriends on Monday nights just to see their outfits.
37. I was in my longest relationship for four years
38. I broke it off
39. Told him that I couldn’t be with him cuz of the distance
40. During our second year together, he was sent to Trinidad for a year
41. I was totally faithful
42. I still don’t know why I broke it off
43. I still struggle with that decision now
44. It is hands down, one of the worst mistakes of my life
45. I became celibate about a year after the breakup
46. I’ve been celibate since
47. Maybe my definition of celibacy is questionable
48. But it’s mine…lol
49. I have one piercing on my whole body
50. It’s a tongue ring
51. I have three tattoos
52. On the back of my neck (my hair covers it), a tribal phoenix
53. On my left shoulder bone, a tribal lion head
54. On my lower back, a pagan goddess symbol
55. No, I’m not pagan
56. I’m a huge Neo-Soul music fan
57. I also love dancehall
58. And I can’t get enough of Soca music
59. and Baltimore Club drives me absolutely crazy
60. I can’t understand how I have a problem with Hip Hop but I can listen to B-More club with all it’s misogyny.
61. I like Hip Hop too, moreso now than I once did
62. My friends say that I am arrogant
63. I guess I can see how they would think that
64. However, I am one of the most feeling people that I know.
65. So I guess I have a good quality
66. I’m a huge computer junkie
67. I check my email at least every 15 minutes, except when I am at work
68. Then I check it at second period, 5th period, and possibly 7th
69. I currently live in Albany, NY
70. I don’t think I’ll be living in Albany a year from now
71. I used to be a basketball fanatic. I am too lazy for that now
72. People think that I am a flirt
73. It’s because I pay total attention to people during face to face conversations
74. If I am not looking at you when you are speaking, it’s quite likely that I am not listening
75. But I’m starting to get sick of people thinking I like them cuz I am paying them attention
76. So, maybe if I am not looking at you, it’s just cuz I don’t want to give you any false impressions
77. If I were a lesbian, I’d have tons of girls…
78. I wish I’d get as much male attention as I do from females
79. I didn’t think I would admit that here, but oh well
80. I am 5”10.
81. People say that I look taller
82. I wear a lot of black.
83. But I own tons of other colors, especially red
84. Red is my favorite color
85. I like clean cuts and symmetry
86. I’m more like my mother than I care to admit
87. We never got a long, but I wish she knew how much she has inspired me
88. I say it to her, but I don’t know if she believes
89. She put all her dreams on hold to make certain that we had good lives
90. It’s hard to do stuff like that when you are an older mom caring for young kids
91. Maybe I’m not totally feminine because I watched her assume two roles very naturally
92. Even though she doesn’t appear to be totally feminine, she really is
93. She never could understand why I wouldn’t wear shoes and a skirt like a damn lady.
94. LOL. I wish I would have forced myself to do that, cuz now, its so much harder to do
95. Oh yeah, I’m not an only child
96. I have 5 sisters and 1 brother.
97. I am only close to one sister and my brother is….my brother
98. He’s a damn character
99. I believe that he is going to be rich.
100. Ya’ll remember that you heard it here first!


basketball writing blogging ... naið-a greek lexicon meaning truth.