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Friday, April 29, 2005



LMAO! Yeah I'm short but I've always wanted to be tall. I wear a size 9 shoe for gods sake! I should be 5' 6" at least. I'll be the one wearing 3 inch heels.

Oooh wee, a 9 shoe. Well, I wear a ...wait, is that a moment of self consciousness I just felt? LOL.. My foot is longer than even with 3 inches on, and me in flats, I'll still have at least 3 inches on you..


i'm takin dictation and readin blogs! LOL. I'm short. I think! but no 3" heels for me!

I'll be back!

Damn, you are so talented Golden. If I was taking a dictation, I'd be typing blah blah blah I thin! but no 3" heels blah blah blah. That's why I don't even do dictations at work cuz I mess around and lose track of my, I won't be wearing heels. I just can't bare to be possibly the tallest blogger in the (of course I'm assuming that these guys aren't that tall either


Hmph it ain't our fault that we're short...:D I wish I could be meeting you....We'll get our turn when our meetup comes up though! :D *xoxoxo*

Yes yes. All in time little grasshopper. LOL..You'll get to meet the elusive and overly analytical cee. LOL


Well, I ain't short. I'm 5'8 and with heels, probably a good 5'10.



Not all Bloggers are short....I am a towering 6'2..I'll have you know...*wink*

Can't wait to meet all you guys in July!!


late again...

short as hell.


Yep, 5'2" of something or other, but one of my best girls in college was 6'2" and we just looked sick together.


*checkin' in for all the 5'3" shorties out there* The messed up part is both my mom and dad's immediate families are average to tall--what happened to me?! :(


5 7 isnt short is it....that's about average right (not tall or short?).

Princess Dominique

5'1--but that's why I dig 3 inch heels so much!


I'm 5'8" and cute *wink*
...and if you're coming down to the ATL, let a brotha know. We'll be doing a little get together....


Had to come over and show some love. Hello my name is SlowMetamorphosis and I am short. Only rocking at 5'3 and I don't do the 3 inch heel thing unless Im going to church and I kick my shoes off as soon as I sit down


I am going to finally confess.....I am short. A good 5'4" on a good day. LOL Now you understand my obsession with heels. LOL


You already have my height down, thanks to recent research. hehehe I can't walk in heels that high, so all you get is my 5ft 7in. K? And I cut myself shorter because during measuring, I'm always told I'm 5' 7 1/2. Whadevah! LOL


I'm know I'm late but I saw the title of the blog and my eyes perked up. I'm 5'10" and with heels a good 6'0"+, so no ma'am we're not all short. Although I've never wished to be short cause short and fat aint cute.

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