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Thursday, April 28, 2005



lol! I'm not opening up on my page as much as I'd like. I'm slowly sharing more private moments but since a few of my real life friends read I sensor some of what I share. I haven't done the ask me 3 questions post because I'm afraid I'll have 0 questions and I'm a 'test the waters first before leaping folks.

Cee -- don't forget 5/20/05 DC urea bloggers happy hour..details sort of on Panama's blog.

Some of my friends read too. Sometimes I speak directly to them and they know it. Most of the time though, I speak in spite of them. There are only a few of my friends that know the blog addy. Those who do also know things about me that none of my other friends know. So, if what they learn here about me is something new for them, it's cool. It's my way of opening up to them since I obviously may have shut that part of me out to them in the past. I work til 6pm dawg...But since this is in DC..NW, I hope, I can hit that on my way home. Of course I'll have to drink in moderation since I will be driving. That is, unless I decide to take the Metro that day. Let me check my schedule. I'm all kinds of excited to meet ya'll. But then again, ya'll might be a little too cool for me. LOL


Okay! As usual u know I didn't read the whole thing! LOL Just the first q. I'm saying I JUST got back to work!

Ahem! on the 3pic camera is broke and I have to mail it back to Kodak *stuffs camera in box and sends*.

YES! I'm so afraid of what people are going to ask which is why I haven't done it yet. Actually, was going to do it today but ummm...I see that you want some q's too so I'll wait.

On the DC thang...I think we (me and Singin) may just make it! *prays*

I didn't know if I was going to be around, but this is sounding like something that I MUST NOT MISS. My schedule is crazy tight for May. But I think I'm gonna have to come through cuz these DC folk are straight nuts. I think they'll be a great bunch to meet. I'm also planning on being in NYC the weekend after. Lawd, I may have to get a flask like X.


LMAO! Cee and Golden I'm coming up to NYC for memorial day w/e too! And yes you have to come through just metro in or stay until you're sober. It will be in N.W. Probably in Adam's Morgan. Kajuana, Panama, and I are still trying to find the right spot. We figure we'll have drinks and then move over to a dancing spot on the strip..u know how black folks are always gotta shake their *sses to some music.

G. Cornelius

LMAO...You crazy...But I don't mind putting myself out there cause ya'll don't know me like that...Unless some of ya'll are lil stalkalistic...Just playing...I'll keep you posted


Blogs are a way to express some of our inner-most thoughts and not have to care what people think about us. For me, it has been a sweet release. I may not give all of me, but it's enough that when you walk up to Yolanda, you know it's me. There's no frontin', no smokescreens--just me.

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