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Wednesday, April 20, 2005



i've always viewed work and money as a necessary evil to get me where i want to be. like you, i have worked ever since i was old enough. worked my arse through college. then worked my arse down to arkansas with some friends. then worked some more to pay bills i had accumulated. now i got me a decent job. so what is this money for? plain and simple...get what i need to get to do what i want to do in the future. and what is that? be a farm girl :) i never lose track of debts or how soon they shall be paid off. and once that is accomplished (hopefully in 2 years!), this girl will be living on the farm doing what fulfills her most in life. taking care of hubby, raising animals and growing her garden. sure, that is work in itself, but it won't seem like it, cuz it's what i LOVE. it's what God put in my heart. the need and desire to raise, nurture and care for things. and then share them with others :)

thanks for posing such a thoughtprovoking question and post, cee.

And thanks for coming through Mrs. Lady. I appreciate your comments here and your continued support over at the other spot.

Wise Diva

this was awesome and thought-provoking. I actually need to go marinate on it, thanks for sharing.

No doubt oh wise one. Thanks for visiting.


I couldn't have said this better myself. I shall see you on the corner in Chi-town, my sista. Word up! Peace out! And all those other departing thangs. hehehe

Yolanda- It's a pleasure seeing you over here in my neck o' da hood..LOL. One!

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