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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Princess Dominique

I like how you think. Thanks for sharing that great post. Definitely makes you reflect. Thanks for visiting me too. On the mean blogger people. I'm a sweetie *really* it's just the meanies in cyber space that make me have to reject anonymous posts. I'm gonna blogroll ya!

PD- I need to stop fronting cuz my blog also requires that you provide things also in order to comment. And thank you. I like that you like how I think. Lol..A lot of people can't deal with the way I think.


That was a great post...

The way you flipped Gotta Go Gotta Leave into real life situations...classic.

Happy Hump Day

Kelvin- Thanks Man! Hope your day went well.


Anyone that can tie Vivian Green into a post is good with me. This post is so true. After ending a long relationship I now pay attention to the signals. They're always there; sometimes we're just too caught up to pay attention. When I hear or see them, I know that the relationship can go but so far.

Good luck with making your escape.

Belle- Thank you lady. Give me another artist and see if I don't tie them into another seriously though, thanks for the warm wishes. Can't wait to meet you in the Chi.


I'm not even gonna lie. All I read was this How many of us ever think about leaving before things get complicated? How many of us just ignore the neon lights and just keep it moving? and i had to scroll down and comment...

I'm always thinking about leaving. Leaving my job, leavin my man, leavin NY. Just LEAVING! All the signals are there but will I listen NO. I'm too afraid. the bottom line is I'M TOO AFRAID!

Golden- We've chatted about this before..I know it's hard (I can imagine how much harder it is when you've established some semblence of a life too). I never realized how much happier I could be until I actually made the decision to leave. I was damn afraid. I didn't have much of a back-up plan. But I also didn't have a child or a man. LOL..But I've left a man in the past so I ain't worried about that. But what I did was research it (meaning a job in another state). I got to know about the place that I wanted to end up and I looked at ways of life, rent, cost of living etc. And then I made the decision to just do it. Suprisingly, the transition was easy. If you want to do it, you can. You just have to face that fear head on. But I love (i can see how it would be hard to leave


Great Post...I've been there..left when I saw the writting on the wall and didn't regret my decision for one bit. Now it had to do with work/career/job. Regarding relationships..that one is always harder for me.

Anyway lovely post.

I wonder why it's so hard for people in relationships. I don't know. Maybe it's because you've invested so much of yourself into it and it's hard to think that you now have to face the chance of having to do that again with someone else. The job thing has been harder for me always. I get to dedicated to the damn cause and forget about the cost and loss of sanity that it provides me. Thanks for listening and responding..

Wise Diva

I love this post girl! I sometimes think that complacency is part of my problem with not leaving when I know in my spirit I should. You would think that I could develop anti-complacency techniques, but sometimes it happens when you don't even know it. When you do isolate it, and you find the courage to make that change, the feeling you get when you reach a peaceful (or more peaceful) state is just priceless. Thanks for putting this up and I can not wait for Vivian's joint!

Thanks Lady! I'll agree with the complacency thing. That was the main reason that I stuck in some of the situations that I did in the past. But with regards to work, once I allowed myself to pick up and go, I lost the urge to ever be complacent again. The experience has been such a great one for me and I definitely have been able to find peace. And it is priceless indeed. Yeah, gotta cop that Vivian.


Excellent post! I'm in the same place as far as my current job goes--'gotta go, gotta leave' has been my official mantra since January 2005. What I've learned over these past few months is to always listen to my gut instincts, no matter what.

Laniza- Good luck with that. You really do need to listen to those instincts. I was in your neck of the woods last week or the week before..Or am I bugging? You are in Massachusetts, right?


I REALLY loved this entry girl. It brought back memories for myself as well. I've actually been through the second senerio, except I left...I never stayed. And ya know? When I first left it was VERY hard girl. TOO hard. I always heard "you shoulda stayed, b/c just imagine where you'd be right now if you did" comments in the past, for my action. But now that time has pasted, I'm glad that I stuck with my decision to leave that situation...b/c it was THE BEST (and I mean it!) thing that has ever happened to me! I am so much happier now, you wouldn't believe! And now the people that were making those wishy washy comments b/f, are now starting to accept my decision. So hey, I agree with everything you said about "Gotta Go Gotta Leave" situtions. You are exactly right girl! And now it's time for me to work on doing the same thing when it comes to relationships! LOL! One step at a time huh? LOL.

Hey girl...but really, GOOD LUCK to you truly, b/c believe me, I've defintely been there. Oh yea, and just remember that you are blessed (not cursed) to have this situation happen to you, b/c struggles only re-inforce our determination in life (years to come) in my opinion...I always say that, and am a firm believer of that as well. Just rememeber that if you ever feel uneasy/unhappy (or both) in a situation ever again, that it's ok to do what's best for you. :)

Sorry for the length of this. lol.

Dayrell- Don't worry about the length. I'm guilty of blogging in people's blogs. LOL.Congratulations for leaving that situation. It's always the scared people that try to get you to stay. I used to be one of those. But it's when you really start to evaluate your life and see that it's time to take those chances, that you begin to understand why others did it before you.


Damn I'm late. I never leave beforehand. The neon lights are too bright to see anything further.

LMAO...See, I'm the opposite. Maybe it's because I'm just so picky. I can always find a reason to bounce. At least, when it comes to relationships. Everything else is blurry.


Girl, girl, girl, you put this one down. Gotta go, gotta leave. Working on taking care of one of those predicaments now. Power to you, Cee. *throwing up fist*

That means a lot coming from you mam. Fist in the


Good luck!

Thank You!

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