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Tuesday, April 26, 2005



oh sweetie! I'm sorry! If it helps I came in at 9:45am and at 10:45am was sent down to CLEAN OUT a storage room! that has had shit in it since the 1930s! Just got back upstairs at 1:45pm to eat! and do some more shit i don't wanna do.

Then I get a call from the baby daddy's wife talking bout HE GOT FIRED! I'm like DAMN! She wanted to know what our arrangement with Medical is! Thank goodness for me I have great! insurance and don't need his behind!

The ONLY good thing about this day is that I'm outta here at 4:30pm!

sorry didn't mean to blog on your blog! LOL
catch ya on IM later!


Damm Sooo sorry Cee. I hope your day is getting better.

G. Cornelius


Thats f#%*ed up...Sorry...I'll keep you posted


I'm sorry to see that your day wasn't so good...I hope that tomorrow is a much, way better day for you! Just breathe in....and out. Things will be ok! :D *big huge hugs*


Damn...I hate to hear your day is going so crappy....I am just reading this on Wed. Morning so hopefully today will be better for you...


Nuff said.


Today better be going damn well better than yestidy. hehehe 1st commenter? You are hilarious! LOL

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