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Thursday, January 01, 2009



If the only reason you care in the first place is if that person cares, then it doesn't sound too much like a friendship to me. It IS ok to have limitations. However, it is also Ok for you to care more (or less) than someone else. It's ok to have friends that you can count on for anything and friends that you can count on for nothing. Friendship isn't one of those what can YOU do for ME things. Sometimes the person who can do more just does more, within reason of course. Real friends may need a break from time to time, but they don't tally who called who last or who spent what last.

Anyway, the only thing you need to do, since it's your goal to be more christlike, or whatever is follow the rules that god does in your friendship. Phillppians 4:13 comes to mind...

I just think that you, yes YOU miss out on so many of the benefits of friendship because you spend so much time tallying up who did what for who. And if you do things to get more credit -- if you're going to bring them up later and say "I did this for friend X and they didn't do shit for me" then you'd be a lot better off NOT doing anything in the first place. If there is no sincerity in it, it's not a friendly gesture anyway.


I had to think long and hard on this one. Hmmm, I wish others had commented so that I wouldn't have to have the feeling that this was simply a comment from someone who feels as if this is a condemnation of them. That being said, this post was not about YOU! Let's get that clear. um, this was a post about analyzing one's friendships to weed out those that are probably not healthy for them. This has nothing to do with financial positions or even who called who last. This is about those people in your lives that only show up when they need something. The people who you have dedicated your life to be a friend to, but who never actually reciprocated that same dedication regarding you. It's quite easy to figure out who those people are. Generally, they miss important events in your life or they don't know, understand, or respect your POV. Everything you tell them is news to them, but everything they tell you, you already know - cuz you've taken the time. I don't think I spoke about goals or religion in this post, but, I already know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thanks for the reminder. Now, here's what I think, if you feel as though a post is created to be about you personally, please address that in another forum. You know my email address and you know my numbers. This is a new year and more than anything else, this blog is going to be an avenue to express my thoughts - thoughts that many others may share as well as thoughts that we can agree to disagree on. I always welcome the time taken to express your feelings though...Peace!

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